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PAMINA Rhine-Park

Living in nature

Discovering another culture

Crossing borders

Discovering the Rheinpark

We offer events, guided tours and excursions in the Pamina Rheinpark. Find out more and discover new things

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INTERREG projects

If we cannot carry out projects ourselves, we write them out. Here are the latest INTERREG project tenders

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Visit a variety of events. We offer interesting exhibitions, music and comedy and, and, and …

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Conservation center Rappenwört

Meadow landscape at the Rhine

The permanent exhibition of the nature conservation center gives you an insight into the nature of the Rhine meadows. Here you will learn something about the history of the development of the Rhine and its floodplain landscapes. How we humans use, change and thereby endanger these landscapes is not forgotten.

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Maps, Brochures

Find the right information

Regardless of whether it is information about our Rheinpark projects and events or activities such as hiking, cycling and paddling in the Rheinpark – you will find all the important flyers and brochures here.
And so that you can quickly find the information you want, you can use our query form to filter the topic you want.

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Our last activities

Further actions
25 years of PAMINA Rheinpark

From the first meeting of mayors, the vision grew to protect the floodplain landscape on the Upper Rhine and to bring a Rhine floodplain project to life. This vision has become a showpiece.
The PAMINA Rheinpark celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Mild tourism

Soft tourism is part of the concept of strong sustainability, combined with the requirement to preserve the remaining stocks of natural capital and to invest in it. This is a big part of our concept.

Eurodistrict PAMINA

The Eurodistrict PAMINA is a European Association for Territorial Cooperation (EGTC), which comprises the three sub-areas of Southern Palatinate, Baden and Alsace. The name PAMINA is an acronym that is made up of Palatinat (Palatinate), Middle Upper Rhine and North Alsace (Northern Alsace). The association is a Franco-German European region.

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960 m²
Kommunen , Zweckverbände und Gebietskörperschaften (Landkreise)
250 km

Support the preservation of this unique landscape.

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